Diver: how to make the first bet and win 

Every gambler wants to find a game that will bring him a really big win. Diver can become just such a party for you. This is a classic crash slot that has several features that you need to know to successfully play and win.

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The essence of the game   

The Diver game is one of the latest slot representatives of the Clash format. The client is required to make a bet and withdraw the money at a certain time. The big advantage of the game is that you have a chance to win really big multipliers.   

So, when we launch the slot, we will see a submarine in front of us. Everyone is tired of the flight format, so the developer InOut decided to add something of their own by updating the mode. This is what makes the game unique in its way.   

When we bet, all we have to do is watch the process on the screen. You can withdraw your money at any time. But it is better to do it when there are enough chances so that you can be satisfied with your win.   

You have to withdraw the money before the submarine goes down. This can happen at any time. Don’t miss it! If you’ve done everything right, you’ll get a payout as a gift. To do this, the bet amount is multiplied by the coefficient at which the withdrawal was made.   

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Interface of the Diver   

Since the online game Diver is considered a fairly new phenomenon that has not yet been sufficiently distributed, it is necessary to explain what buttons and functions are located in the slot. To start the slot, which is extremely easy to do. To do this, you have to enter the name Diver in the online casino, after which you will be prompted.   

Attention! The manufacturer of the slot InOut. When you load the slot, you will see their logo on the screen, made in white, black, and yellow.  

The main screen is in the middle. This is where the submarine reaches large multipliers. The game is made in InOut’s signature colors, so it cannot be confused with other crash games.   

On the left side of the screen, there is a block with information about bets. The total amount of all bets, the names of the players, their winnings, and so on are indicated. It also has 3 tabs:   

1. All bets are enabled by default, shows which bets were placed for the current round.   

2. My bets — betting history in your account. All the information that you can use to analyze your gaming session is displayed.   

3. Top — a list of the biggest drifts of the day, week, or year. You can also sort your winnings by the highest odds.   

Above the main screen, there is a panel where you can learn how to play Diver, view your balance, and open a chat or a menu to manage the game settings. To activate the latter, click on the icon in the form of three horizontal stripes. In Diver, you can change your avatar, turn off sounds and music, turn off animation, and choose a color scheme for the submarine (yellow, red, blue, green, or turquoise). There is also information to check the honesty of the settings Provably Fair. Go to this page to find out the initial SHA256 number and make sure it is correct.   

Important! The Diver machine uses the principle of provable honesty. Due to this, the result of each round is unpredictable. It also allows you to prove that neither the casino nor the provider is rigging anything to get a certain result.   

There is a block with currency rates under the main screen. Here you set the number of bets and the amount of automatic withdrawal. The important thing is that you can use two fields at once, which will allow you to place two bets in one round. You can also activate automatic playback. To do this, click on the Autoplay button located in the bid data entry block.     

You can also run the game in test mode. To do this, you need to open Diver, and then pay attention to the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click the Demo Play — Real Play slider to start playing for free chips. You can find it at the bottom of the screen, just below the betting block.   

There will also be a button that will allow you to expand the slot to full screen for maximum immersion. The icon to be clicked looks like four arrows pointing to each corner of the square. To exit full-screen mode, simply press the ESC button on the keyboard.   

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What is autorun and how to use it?   

In Diver, as in most crash slots, it is possible to activate the automatic withdrawal of funds from the game. To do this, simply determine the size of the coefficient by which the money will be immediately transferred to your account as soon as the submarine reaches the specified value.   

But other than that, you can find the Autoplay button in the game interface. This is a completely different function that allows you to fully automate the betting process in Diver. Just enter the amount of the bet and the coefficient by which you want to withdraw funds. It remains only to activate Autoplay. That’s it, now the game will automatically set a certain bet size in each round and display it on a multiplier, which is also set by you. Thanks to this, you can even move away from the computer while the game continues.   

By the way, you can set up an automatic game for each bet separately. This allows you to play several strategies at once. Namely, tactics allow you to earn money in any crash slot.   

Important! You can find the Diver game on the official website of the ChillBet bookmaker. This is not only a place where you can bet on sports, but the company also supports and develops its casino business.   

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Although playing Diver is extremely fun, we still recommend trying to earn some coins here. It’s very easy if you use one of the popular tactics invented for dozens of Crash games. We prefer to highlight only three of them as the easiest and most effective:   

1. Slowly but surely. In this case, we will withdraw money at a rate of 1.25. Thanks to this, for 4 bets you can almost be guaranteed to get the amount of your bet. But you have to be careful, and if you have already made a profit, take a break.   

2. Moderate and calm. Just try to catch a multiplier of 2. This is enough to already feel the increase in balance from each bet. But increasing the coefficient above 2.5 is not recommended.   

3. Maximum risk. If no multipliers of 100 or more have fallen within an hour, it’s time to enter the prize race. Just set a small bet size for 10 rounds with autoplay at odds of 100. If you are lucky, you can get very solid winnings.   

The main rule of every gambler who wants to win something on crash machines is not to fall back on tactics. If you fail the strategy, the point of this approach will be lost. Don’t chase another win. It’s much more enjoyable to always stay on top.   

Diver is a game that will allow you to get a charge of emotions. But it is not only entertainment that keeps customers coming back again and again. The fact is that here you can still earn good money. Of course, only if you are ready to be cold-blooded and follow your chosen tactics.